Time flies…We are already approaching the one year anniversary of establishing our SmugMug account and it seems like we just started! Be on the lookout for some new galleries and images.

We are proud to announce that the Two Boldly Go Photography site has been included in a blog article highlighting sites that are using the new SmugMug layout. A big thank you to JR Customization for including us and to Jerry for his help in our site design!

A portion of the article is included below along with a link back to the blog site.

New SmugMug Success Stories

We thought we take a moment to share with you some of success stories of photographers that are using the new SmugMug platform.


 “Two Boldly Go Photography has been very pleased with the new SmugMug format and our site. The ability to customize gallery layout and access privileges has allowed us to support our public work, private client projects and to provide content for our Two Boldly Go Travel website. We have received universally positive reviews from our customers on the site and look forward to continuing to add to our SmugMug site.” – Bradley (Two Boldly Go Photography)