Go Boldly


“But what I was going to say was, I just figured I’m going to go boldly in the direction of my dreams, say it as Thoreau would say, and just see where it takes me.”

Demetri Martin

Hawaiian Sea Urchins

Pu‘u Pehe

Ko‘ele Sunset

Two Boldly Go

Two Boldly Go Photography

Two Boldly Go Travel

Images of the Recoleta Cemetery

The Recoleta Cemetery is an interesting place ...... While archiving some images taken on our trips to Argentina yesterday I ran across a series we captured during our walks through he Recoleta Cemetery.  It has many famous residents including Evita Perón,...

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Plane Food on Alaska Airlines

Plane Food on Alaska Airlines Airplane food can be hit or miss....even in first class.  Alaska Airlines, our favorite domestic airline, has recently announced updated catering with a "West Coast" flair.  We are looking forward to sampling the new...

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