Go Boldly


“But what I was going to say was, I just figured I’m going to go boldly in the direction of my dreams, say it as Thoreau would say, and just see where it takes me.”

Demetri Martin

Hawaiian Sea Urchins

Pu‘u Pehe

Ko‘ele Sunset

Two Boldly Go

Two Boldly Go Photography

Two Boldly Go Travel

Lobster Tempura Nobu Style!

I still get hungry thinking about the tempura Lobster that we had at the Nobu in Hong Kong. The Nobu Hong Kong restaurant is located in the Intercontinental Hotel. So you have both phenomenal food and spectacular views!

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Mother Cheetah

    Another flashback shot from our safari and stay in Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa. A mother cheetah...she was soon joined by her two cubs.  Did you know that cheetahs make almost a chirping noise when they are calling to each...

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